Theatre West



We're really sad that that we didn't get funding this year and that this will be the first year in two decades that we haven't produced a significant number of new plays. However, as always we want to do as much as we can to support emerging writers so we're using our small reserves to stage rehearsed readings at Hamilton House of new work from three of Bristol's brightest sparks.


by Jenny Davis

A short play about the past and present tense.

Who has the right to be remembered? Who has the right to history?

A woman is on the edge, she is chalking on the pavement, words of silent defiance, chalking for her life …

Passers by give her a wide berth … except the man in a hurry, with a carnation in his lapel.

A story about Chalk, Colston and Stokes Croft.

So I Bought A Horse

by Oliver Gamblin

So I bought a horse.

I had this image in my head of freedom.

And it was basically me and this horse and fields and flowers and starlit skies.

That was it really. I didn't think about making a plan.


by Nick Havergal

In Stokes Croft in 1910, a young apprentice breaks in to a bootmaker's with the intention of stealing some shoes to pawn off on Jamaica Street. Before he can escape from the warehouse he has an encounter that changes his view about himself and what he might become.

National Lottery Funded