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During the course of the year we worked with five writers to develop work for the 2014 season as well as inviting writers from around the region to submit 10 minute scripts and all of the plays were kick-started by one date, 1/10/2014.

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound
written and performed by Ruth Mitchell
Directed by Derek Frood

"Baseball is a haunted game in which every player is measured against the ghosts of those who have gone before". Ken Burns, The History of Baseball

Award winning performer Ruth Mitchell takes a look at the dreams we hold and the cards we get dealt as she attempts to round the bases and reach home.

Homeward Bound is a solo performance inspired by her son's love of baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the team he plays with in the South West Baseball League, interwoven with the spectre of her own upbringing in a Northern household with three generations of women.

Homeward Bound was preceded by Encounters, a short play by Naia Headland-Vanni

Coastal Defences

Coastal Defences
by Tom Phillips
Directed by Nik Partridge

"We are Bulgarians. Don't panic."

It's 2013. Thousands of people are out on the streets of Sofia, protesting against government corruption, and on an unspoilt stretch of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, British developers are about to start work on a controversial new holiday resort. Caught up in these volatile circumstances, what's left of two splintering families face decisions with long-lasting repercussions. Boyko dreams of owning a house with a garden; Tsveta is planning to turn her hotel into a hi-tech palace of gadgetry; and Lazar fantasises about becoming a big cheese in the mafia. Paul, meanwhile, flies in from Gatwick to meet the Facebook friend who might just be the love of his life.

Simultaneously intimate and panoramic, Coastal Defences ranges from domestic dispute to epic comedy to political drama and turns a whole bunch of stereotypes on their head.

Coastal Defences was preceded by Canopy of Stars, a short play by Miriam Battye

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool
by Bea Roberts
Directed by Deirdre Mullins

"In the sticky, polyester heat of summer on a Devonshire trading estate Emma Barnicott dreams of a life beyond the dusty venetian blinds of her office. Voicemails unanswered, bills unopened, Emma whiles away the tedious hours looking at luxury honeymoons for her imaginary marriage to a man she's never met. When her online lover suggests meeting, Emma's elaborate web of daydreaming, debt and deceit begins to pull her stable world apart.

Is the chance of a fantastic love worth trading for an imperfect life - or will there always be dead woodlice in the infinity pool?

Inspired by the novel Madame Bovary, Infinity Pool is a tragi-comic love story of dreaming and upgrading told through a collage of image, music, puppetry and powerpoint.

Inifinity Pool was preceded by Daily Dismissals, a short play by Christine Roberts


by Samuel E. Taylor
Co-devised & directed by Sita Calvert-Ennals
Co-devised & performed by Philip Perry

Never get found out
Never be seen
Never be heard
Upon being seen, heard or found out
Destroy all evidence of your existence to the target

solo[solo] is a new one-man play about what happens when we look where we shouldn't, what it is to know the truth and the distances we travel when we feel alone.

solo[solo] was preceded by Broadbent, a short play by Bruce Fellows

Icarus in Love

Icarus in Love
by Edson Burton
Directed by Jessica Beck

The swinging 60s - but for lovers Reg and Henri freedom is still a dream. Gay men at a time when homosexuality is a criminal offence; interracial lovers in a racist society; jazzers in the time of the Beatles they are, on the surface, outcasts among outcasts. Yet, as resident musicians in the smouldering enclave of a Soho jazz club, they enjoy a glamour and verve that others envy - life is a party. But this a party in a bubble.

As brutality spills into their world and gangsterism seeps into the Club, Reg and Henri's old demons rise up. Can the long awaited Bill to legalise gay sex save them from the gathering storm that tears at the heart of their love or is the bubble about to burst?

Icarus in Love was preceded by Drifters, a short play by Martin Malcolm.

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