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Well here we are in year two of our A-Z project and although, once again, the writers have taken their inspiration from within Bristol's city limits (each were given a randomly allocated square in the Bristol A to Z) their imaginations have no such boundaries. The season opens with a trip to Mali with a trio of hapless thirtysomethings and over the next few weeks we catch glimpses of the Indian Ocean, Japan and Northern France. By the end of the season we're back in Dundry but the year is 1943 and all eyes are turned towards Germany.

Gorm Heads

A playreading of 'Gorm Heads'
by Katriel Costello

To open the Theatre West's second A-Z season of new writing we have a 'script in hand' performance of Gorm Heads, one of the plays that narrowly missed being included as a full production.

Katriel Costello's warm but disturbing play gives a glimpse into a future where the powers that be have become a little too interested in our everyday lives and where the promise of the state's involvement "from cradle to grave" has taken on a sinister ring.

The reading was preceded by two Short Trips!

  • Three Ships by Carolyn Csonka
  • The Snow Goose by Peter Green

100 Miles North of Timbuktu

100 Miles North of Timbuktu
by Tom Phillips
Directed by Hannah Drake

Pete's air-con business is broken. Zac's been kicked out of his ivory tower. And Clare's career is going down the pan.

When Zac makes a momentous discovery, it seems that their fortunes are made. But will saving themselves mean they'll also have to save the world? And what's dabbling in quantum mechanics got to do with the North Korean space programme, the Sultan of Brunei and a half-dead feral cat?

An apocalyptic satire about three chancers who accidentally find themselves with the power to play God.

100 Miles North of Timbuktu was preceded each night by a 10 minute Short Trip!

  • Grace by David Lane
  • Muffin Man by Crysse Morrison


by Samantha Randall
Directed by David Lockwood

"You ever had a dream in the daytime, so real you could touch it?"

Kelly is at her lowest ebb. Trapped at home and on sick leave, her world has become smaller, frightening, ritualised. Then one day, Kelly sees something that has the potential to change everything.

What happens when an ordinary, tender life is surprised by the extraordinary?

Nets was preceded each night by a 10 minute Short Trip!

  • Rooming by Shiona Morton
  • A Lonely Place by Ioannis Souris

Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust
by Rachel O'Shea
Directed by Chris Loveless

Liam's gone and died and Marie's not at all happy. After 30 years of marriage he goes and does a thing like that - drops dead on the golf course without so much as a by your leave.

Now Marie wants some answers and when psychic and purveyor of all things paranormal Leyton von Geist hits town it seems her prayers may be answered.

Will Leyton and Liam link up across the great divide or will Marie be left wondering "Is there anybody there?"

Dust to Dust was preceded each night by a 10 minute Short Trip!

  • Somewhere Else by Alice Nicholas
  • Oikos by Natalie Smith


by Samuel Taylor
Directed by Alison Comley

"In the tribe, the kids, they learn to ride a horse before they can walk. When they're a few years old, they give 'em a bow and arrow and let 'em loose.
"And they savour it, cz when they're ten or eleven they'll be out dying in battle.
"For each other…
"For the clan…
"For the family…"

Frank is turning eighteen; he is about to become a man.
Mel loves Frank, she wants to keep him close, keep him safe.
She just wants to help…

Canis was preceded each night by a 10 minute Short Trip!

  • Orion by Katherine Mitchell
  • Lavender Pye by Howard Timms


by Mark Shand
Directed by Alan Coveney

"Please do not bomb this hospital."

Someone's been seen signalling the bombers and Amber needs her father to hide her. But Ben's got grander plans and Pearl needs them both to leave.

The siren fades as the search draws nearer. Strained allegiances build and family secrets simmer. What was she doing? Can he forgive her? Can a horse have a sunny disposition?

A dark twisted tale of people left behind by a war and each other.

Blackout was preceded each night by a 10 minute Short Trip!

  • The Colours by Joe Ledbury
  • Home by Lissa Carter

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