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This year all our writers were given the theme of 'Writing in the Margins'. From this common starting point our writers went off in many different directions - over ten weeks we journeyed from Ancient Greece to Iraq, via the shadowy world of espionage and the isolated community of The Exclusive Plymouth Brethren. And the characters we met along the way were no less diverse - from a sexy blonde sipping champagne to a shambolic magician preparing for one final, staggering trick. We met grieving lovers, desperate mothers, hunted writers, karaoke singers and one very scary Russian - all with their own, unique story.

Bond Girls

Bond Girls
A new play by Tim Massey
Directed by Shane Morgan

'Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for...'

A blonde, a brunette and a Russian rendezvous in an exclusive nightclub, but it's no upmarket girls' night out as the club is a mink-lined prison.

The women take a view to a kill on learning that the spy who loved them was not for their eyes only, but will a latecomer bring a quantum of solace...?

Shut Up

Shut Up
A new play by Shiona Morton
Directed by Caroline Hunt

Some people keep themselves apart.
For most itís a choice.
Seventeen years ago Beth left the Exclusive Brethren and with it, all contact with her family.
Itís been a long silence.
Now her father stands at the door.
Should she let the past come in?
What does it sound like?
What damage can it do?

Writing in the Margins

Writing in the Margins
4 x 15 minute plays

For several months Theatre West have been working on writing projects with three local theatre companies who each have a focus on different groups of people whose voices are seldom heard in the theatre. Stepping Out works with people who have used mental health services and their allies, Boil and Bubble with older people and Chrysalis with users of drug, alcohol and HIV services.

Writing workshops, mentoring and readings resulted in over 30 fifteen minute scripts being submitted - mostly from first time writers. From this crop of inspiring, original work we present four new and very different plays, all performed each evening.

Loose Connections
A new play by Helen Bradbury
Directed by Pameli Benham

It's early morning in a park and Jason enlists the help of Marion in getting to grips with King Lear. But are they really the strangers to each other that they seem? And why does Marion go along with his increasingly bizarre demands?

Karaoke for One
A new play by Jimmy Whiteaker
Directed by Amanda Horlock

Dave has had breakdown, but now he's pulling himself out of it. This poignant, very human story is told with the help of humour, singing, a variety of characters - and a vibrating toning-belt.

Bittern End
A new play by Elaine Eveleigh
Directed by Pameli Benham

A lake. A bench. Two old school friends meet after many years. As they look out over the water and back at their lives they realise that although time has wrought great changes, they still share a common bond.

One More Trick
A new play by Alex Boyt
Directed by Amanda Horlock

An attempt at freedom of expression through the forgotten art of the anarchic gesture clashes with common sense and common sensibilities - Freud was right, Civilisation is repression.


A new play by Steve Hennessy
Directed by Andy Burden

In a remote cave on an island, the playwright Euripides is holed up, desperately trying to write. But time is running out. His plays no longer win prizes, his audiences are dwindling and his political enemies are closing in.

A war is raging outside, a terrible war crime has been committed in the name of Democracy, and the cult of Dionysus with its violent and bizarre sex rituals is growing stronger every day

Inside, something terrifying is hiding in the darkness deeper inside the cave, and a pregnant follower of Dionysus has arrived who is about to blow Euripidesí world apart.

Metal Remains

Metal Remains
A new play by Natalie McGrath
Directed by Alison Comley

A soldier is posted to Iraq and her lover mourns her departure. A mother searches desperately for her son and a daughter becomes consumed by the beauty of the desert. Four women, all caught up in the crossfire search for personal liberation, understanding, hope and love. As unstoppable forces collide, brutality and tenderness meet.

'Sometimes a heart wants to keep things hidden for a little while.'


A chance to see the plays that narrowly missed being included in the season, in 'script in hand' performances. Actors will work on the script with a director for half a day, culminating in a public reading in the Alma Theatre.

Jellied Eels
by Jimmy Whiteaker

Adam and Kelly are mates - ordinary kids trying to make sense of a world thatís not playing fair. As Adam draws cartoon characters and Kelly watches crap TV, around them kids they know are killing themselves. And all the while, at the periphery of it all, Shooter stands and waits.

The Distance
by Craig Norman

Outside the door, sinister forces are at work. Inside, the pressure is building. As Alex wraps food preparing for .... who knows what, Darby dreams of taking off to somewhere ... anywhere. And through it all their baby sleeps a fitful, restless sleep. A poignant story of love, passion and loss.