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Spring Production

little pictures

Little Pictures by Mike Akers

The first new game of the season brings three football crazies who ought to know better back to the battlefield. Join them on an Odyssey that takes in post-match analysis, cocktails at Happy Hour and a date with Kylie Minogue.

Freshly back from wowing Baltic audiences on a tour of Latvia, Theatre West, Bristolís favourite new writing company, bring you the perfect antidote to World Cup fever!

First performed as part of our autumn season 2003 and later broadcast by BBC Radio 4, this "mix of glorious one-liners, daft bugger-y and poignant vignettes is funny, absurd and moving." (Venue)

Autumn Season

What do you get if you give the same brief to 40 different writers? Well, this year we gave it a try and the results were incredibly diverse. Taking the theme 'Inside Out' as their starting point our writers took off in many directions in a fantastic display of imagination and talent. The task of choosing nine of these ideas to develop into scripts was not an easy one. An even greater challenge was selecting four of these for our season, but we did it and along with 'The Voice that Keeps Silent' which was commissioned from David Carter, they made up a season full of contrast and bursting with ideas.

And as a bonus we also presented rehearsed readings of the five shortlisted scripts that didn't make it into the season!

The Inhabitants of the Moon are Noses

The Inhabitants of the Moon are Noses
by Steve Hennessy

The great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol lived a life as fantastical as his fiction. And his mother was as bizarre a character as any he created. So, how would the 'Diary of a Madman' sound if it were an account of Gogol's own life? Where is the line between imagination and madness anyway? And do noses really live on the moon?

Hurry - there's only an hour to turn Gogol's famous overcoat inside out and see how a creative genius is stitched together!

The Keith Ashton Experience

The Keith Ashton Experience
by Mark Breckon

'So this is what you do. Travel from Battersea to Bristol purging the middle classes.'

'All classes.'

Keith Ashton is no ordinary guru. Banned in Battersea and currently subject to a court injunction, these nights at the Alma will be his last for sometime. But for 2 weeks only Keith invites you to experience the evening everyone is talking about.

Eggshell Blues

Eggshell Blues
by Sarah Curwen

Two washing lines. One for the clothes of the living, one for those of the dead.

Grace and Evelyn are learning to cope in the aftermath of a global virus. Suppressed emotions are stirred when a stranger stumbles into their restricted world, bringing with him the possibility of hope.


by Tim Massey

'It's Edinburgh in August. It's a f***ing good month to be flavour of!'

Wannabe playwright, John Lomas, has run up a stellar credit card bill to stage a play on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. But, with his archrival creaming him at the box office, a megalomaniac director with ulterior motives, and the cast and crew in near revolt, must the show really go on?

Noises Off meets The Odd Couple.

The Voice that Keeps Silent

The Voice that Keeps Silent
by David Carter
I is obsessed with his health.
you feels the medical establishment has let them down.
other makes it up as she goes along.

within the refuge of memory the present is no longer a gift, good lines are expensive and normal is what other people are.

the silence is over.

let the spiral spin.