Theatre West


Spring Production

Our visit to the Bristol Old Vic in April 2005 saw us present Caryl Churchil's play Far Away .

Caroline is comforted by Dee


Autumn Season

For the third year in succession, Theatre West presented five more world premieres.

Four of these plays were entered in our Search for a Script initiative (which attracted over 130 plays) and the fifth was especially commissioned from Katie Hims, the writer of Wild Lunch, one of the 2004 season's highlights.

When My Heart Exploded

When My Heart Exploded
by Katie Hims

Pearl wishes that Cecilia would start accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative. Cecilia wishes Pearl would stop cooking so many cakes and start shedding some tears. When the mysterious Victor invites himself to tea it seems that some of those wishes might just come true ...

When My Heart Exploded is a funny tragic play about fear, loss, lemon meringue pies and the difficulties of catering for unpreditable numbers.

Panic Play

Panic Play
by Katherine Orr

We are very afraid. In an unstable world, what would it be like to listen to fear, choose panic, quit your job and hide out at your parents? Jonny does just this, and finding that terror can have many faces, seals himself a tragically comic fate.

The Name Of The Son

The Name Of The Son
by Julian Armitstead

'And maybe that's the reason why after all those years I couldn't bear to see him. Because - let me say it now - after all that, a braver man would have killed himself. But he didn't. He did something far worse. And for that, I owe him my life.'

When the Father returns from jail, he bequeaths to the Son a deadly inheritance: resurrection at the end of a gun, freely chosen. So begins the story of the Godfather, the Pimp and his Whore; of the damage that reaches through generations. And what happens when the nameless outsider, the Angel/Monkey-boy comes to change everything, for ever.

Viral Sutra

Viral Sutra
by David Carter

VIRUS: Group of submicrosopic entities capable of replication only within the cells of a living organism.
SUTRA: A collection of sayings or stories.
DAVID CARTER: The living organism.
CAP, GAG, POL: The submicrosopic entities.
VIRAL SUTRA: The story of an everyday HIV virus struggling for survival, wondering about God, the nature of self, the reason for existence, and the threat posed by readily available condoms.
chrysalis theatre This is a joint production with Chrysalis Theatre Company

The Memory Of Rain

The Memory Of Rain
by Jenny Davis

Greta's at the top of her profession; respected, admired and successful. She runs her large Department efficiently and touches the lives of hundreds. So Mary's arrival on a busy day is just a nuisance, isn't it? Or do Mary's memories have the power to rock Greta's tightly controlled world?