In 1930's Britain one artist is living and creating rebelliously outside of the social and gender norm. Gluck.
No prefix. No suffix. No quotes.

A hugely talented artist, idiosyncratic Gluck lived by nobody's rules but their own, and when celebrity florist Constance Spry walked into their studio with a delivery, a scandalously queer, tempestuous relationship began. This relationship would challenge gender, class and social mores, and was to produce some of the most stunning paintings of the era.

Produced by an all female & non-binary team, we are delighted to present a new play set in the 1930s about a real relationship that still feels pertinent today.

It is fitting that we present this play about a painter in three of our region's most beautiful galleries:

Hestercombe Gardens Taunton
30th April & 1st May
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Thelma Hulbert Gallery Honiton
3rd & 4th May
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Holburne Museum Bath
7th, 8th & 9th May
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We are delighted to announce the Gluck's Flowers cast

Alexandra Ricou is Gluck & Constance Spry will be played by Katharine Jee. What a fantastic cast!