The Room Upstairs

Q: Which is more annoying when trying for a baby?

a - Having to watch friends on Facebook upload artistic pictures of their babies lying in baskets? (to be fair babies do look better in baskets)

b - Having to answer the question 'are you guys gonna try and get pregnant soon then?'

c - Having to accept the modern fallacy that infertility is a thing of the past thanks to IVF?

If you answered 'they're all bloody dreadful'' then you may well agree with Clem and Toby, who are finding that the roots of their own fertility struggles have been planted in the most ancient of soils …

Ben Callon is a writer/actor and has had plays produced in London, Bristol and Exeter. Hannah Drake has directed for some of the foremost companies in the region and this is her third production for Theatre West.

Writer - Ben Callon
Director - Hannah Drake
Designer - Sarah Warren
Lighting Designer - Edmund McKay
Sound Designers - Chris Collier & Jack Drewry
Photographer - Craig Fuller

Clem - Lois Mackie
Toby - Todd James